Friday, March 02, 2007

Who Has MS and Where Are They?

My favorite upright Garry has been looking at visualization tools and he made some charts to show the number of people worldwide by country. He used figures provided by MSIF. For MS Awareness Month, I thought we should share his charts.

The first visualization is a world map showing the rate of MS by country population. Compare Garry's map with the Atlas of MS on the MSIF site.

The second visualization is the same information above in the form of a tree map.

Check his web site, Garry's Blog for more.

Garry used IBM's Many Eyes to create these visualizations. To have a closer look, visit here. While on that page, click on the data file to see the actual numbers provided. There were many instances where there was no information reported.

Thank you, Garry, for helping us become aware of the fact that there are so many MSers in so many places. We are not alone.

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