Friday, March 30, 2007

Am I Crazy?

Last week I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Bruce Cree of the University of California San Francisco MS Center, so I thought I would take a look at UCSF MS Center. I'm glad I did. The page on Health Psychology is particularly interesting.

Cognitive difficulties are common in MS, but specific MSers experience different types. Seven areas of problems are listed and explained, from cognitive fatigue to visual spatial skills. I have not seen this breakdown before, and it is enlightening. The article does not end there, but suggests the next step when cognitive changes are suspected.

The article continues with common health psychology issues for MSers, families, and caregivers. Areas are described in detail
Loss of Control
Haven't we all gone through one or more of these? Again, these issues are followed with suggestions about what to do next.

The article continues on Stress and MS and the types of help available. Then there is a section on Caregiving, tactics to keep the caregiver healthy, and another on Children, ensuring they don't lose their childhood because a parent has MS.

It sounds as if this article goes on and on. Well, it does. But I recommend reading every bit of it anyway.

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