Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Joined the Revolution -- Revolution Health, That Is

Steve Case developed Revolution Health to facilitate the exchange of information within the health care community. Case, co-founder of America On Line, is partnering with community leaders and dozens of companies to give consumers control over their health care.

My introduction to Revolution Health came as an invitation to participate in a teleconference with two distinguished MS experts. Wednesday night, I was on the phone with Dr. Williams and Dr. Cree. The conference was information, and I was encouraged to ask anything I wanted. As an MS blogger, I appreciate all concerned for this exciting opportunity.

Dr. Olajide Williams
Dr. Olajide Williams has many honors including the Gold Foundation Award for Humanism in Medicine and Excellence in Teaching. He works at Harlem Hospital Center and Columbia University Medical Center, both in New York. Read more about Dr. Williams here. Be sure to visit Dr. Williams' blog.

Dr. Bruce Cree

Dr. Bruce Cree is a Sylvia Lawry Fellow and he works in clinical trials focusing on MS epidemiology in San Francisco. Read more about Dr. Bruce here.

I felt privileged as I posed my questions. We talked about the latest issues in research including medical marijuana, stem cells, epstein barr, genetic causes, aging, chronic conditions in addition to MS and oral medications. If you would like to listen to the entire teleconference, here are the audio files.

Cindy sent the invitation. Jason facilitated the teleconference and did a great job. I want to thank Dr. Williams and Dr. Cree for sharing their time and expertise. And thank you Steve Case for Revolution Health. The information about doctors, treatments, insurance, and more, along with popular articles and even blog hosting and forums make this site a revolutionary health community.

Join the Revolution!

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