Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Make Your Mark on the Wall


This is really neat. Now make your mark and add it to the wall. I practiced with the marker, but have not yet decided what to do. What have others done?

Look at the Wall to see how our fellow MSers have left their mark in the movement to eradicate MS. There are 25 marks on each page; so far, 716. You can page through the marks or go directly to a member's mark, and see the marker drawing their mark.

Finally, a chance to have some fun with MS!


mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... who did NOT get this email!?

Vicki said...

Yes, mdmhvonpa, I realize many MSers did get the email. But I did not know how many would explore the wall, and I'm not so sure about friends and family. There are many who honor their own MSer with a short note.

Some were straight to the point, some were touching, clever, and even artistic.

There are more than 900 marks now. It was delightful.

Tina said...

It was great to scroll the pages and see the words of fellow MSers


Calla said...

Interesting to know.