Monday, January 30, 2006

My New MS Site

This is the first post of my MS site. It will consist of my personal experience since diagnosis, personal anecdotes of others, links to MS sites, news and articles about MS breakthroughs, new treatments, and other MS-related topics. I plan to include tips on surviving everyday life as an MSer, cooking from a wheelchair, dressing in a wheelchair

I was diagnosed with MS in 1989 and with osteoporosis in 2003. This is my story and the stories of as many others as will participate and contribute. I live in a wheelchair – a 3-wheel scooter – but many MSers do not. This is about MS, as much as I can cover, as much as blog visitors want to tell or see.

Vicki’s Blog is my blog. I made several posts about MS and disability so I thought a blog focusing specifically around MS is a good idea. Here are the posts already published:

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