Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's So Funny?

Sometimes nothing seems funny, but look again. A positive attitude helps keep things from being too bad.

I read an article in the HDIS Family Newsletter that reminds us that laughter really is good medicine. Saranne Rothberg, cancer survivor, leads the Comedy Cures Foundation to share the idea of therapeutic humor programs. The web site provides a newsletter and phone line 1-888-ha-ha-ha-ha (1-888-424-2424), and links to live events including a Laugh Lunch with Oprah, March 14.

Saranne and her foundation aren't alone. There is a personal blog that offers a Smile a Day. This site has funny stories and lists -- at least one new story every day -- and provides links to games and shopping.

So, take a moment away from the troubles of the day and laugh, or at least smile. It can't hurt.

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