Friday, March 10, 2006

The Prism Ribbon of Hope

This first paragraph and ribbon card graphic are directly from the National MS Society web site about their ribbon.

"The ribbon, which produces a prism effect as it reflects light, was the innovation of Oklahoman, Linda Chance. The goal for her idea was to promote the "…ribbon idea as a recognizable symbol to advance multiple sclerosis awareness in a unique and powerful way." In 2000, Chance received financial support to further develop her idea through the Berlex Betaseron Champions of Courage Grants.

Because multiple sclerosis impacts people's lives in vastly different ways, and its debilitating symptoms are often unseen, we are promoting the MS Ribbon of Hope. As the prism ribbon seems to change color as it reflects light, so it symbolizes the unpredictable, life altering affects MS has on people's lives. The ribbon is also symbolic of the hope the Society provides as we press forward toward our goal to end the devastating effects of MS—forever. We hope people will wear it often."

The ribbon come affixed to a silver-colored card, which explains the origin of the ribbon.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! My father has MS and several years ago he purchased like 100 MS prism pins and he wants me to order more and I can't seem to find where to order them. Can you help me please?