Friday, March 17, 2006

MS Awareness -- Day 5

On this the last day of MS Awareness Week, Dr. Lawrence Steinman explained why one drug is not the answer for everyone. He continued by shedding a ray of hope in breakthroughs for the future.

Did you miss a webcast? Click here.

MSAwareness Week may be ending today, but we can continue to become more aware ourselves and ensure others know about the disease and what can be done to wipe out MS and help MSers until then.

The MS Walk is right around the corner. Last year's event brought us one step closer to a cure by raising almost $50 million.

The MS Bike Tour, now on its 27th anniversary, raised about $60 million to fight MS. This is the largest organized bicycle event in the U.S.

The MS Challenge Walk is a 2- or 3-day event that raised $7 million last year.

Champions Against MS connects MSers with event participants.

There are many ways to raise awareness throughout the year. Keep in touch with your local chapter and stay involved.

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