Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Research News

Here is a summary of new research findings as presented by the MS International Federation.


A study of IFNbeta-1a suggests a benefit in continued treatment after the first demyelinating event.

A conclusive study shows both grey and white matter loss affects cognition.

One study measures ventricular enlargement in relapsing and remitting and secondary progressive MS with clinically isolated syndromes.

An in vitro study shows remyelination.


Goat serum may improve conduction in demyelinated optic nerve fibers.

A survey of people with 4 different disabling conditions, including MS, found a significant number prefer complementary and alternative medicine to conventional treatments.

A study of patients with relapsing-remitting MS compares the efficacy of interferon beta-1a and beta-1b and found no significant difference after 6 years.

Check the MS International Federation web site for more research news.

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An online MS guide evaluates frequently used treatments in the management of MS with a new chapter dedicated to unconventional therapies.

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