Monday, October 01, 2007

Disaboom Launch

This is my blog and I like it. I find it fun to research and write, and I plan to continue here.

However, I have found another site and started a blog there, too, called Vicki's MS Path. It's located on Disaboom, a website that hosts a community of bloggers with an interest in disability and it offers more than that, too. It was started by Dr. House -- not the TV one -- with the idea that one blogger may be strong, but many bloggers in the disability community can be powerful and inspiring. There are many disabling conditions, each with its own issues and needs, but many issues are common among them all.

The blogs here cover both individual and common issues.
I really like Disaboom. I did not know about this site until a few weeks ago, but since then I have read many of the blogs. So far they're very good and on a wide range of topics. They also invite reviews of restaurants and hotels by people who know what accessibility really is. I think this is a great idea.

My first post on Vicki's MS Path talks about
children's attitudes toward people with disabilities. The second one is about the language of disability.

There are many MSers on Disaboom as well as bloggers representing other disabling conditions, and other topics such as parenting and caregiving. There are headlines, discussion groups, and classifieds. Disaboom launches today. Go visit and...

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