Saturday, September 29, 2007

How You Say It

The terminology used when discussing disabled people can reinforce negative stereotypes or help enhance the group status in the eyes of our society. Read my Disaboom blog for this week.

And while you are there, take a look around. Disaboom, the site destined to become the preferred destination site for the disability community, is preparing to launch. The launch is scheduled for October 1, so take pre-launch tour. Enjoy.

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Merelyme said...

oh wow! i am so impressed! will you still be blogging here as well? is your other site a website or a blog inviting comments? at any rate...i will add it now to my links.

i am looking into creating a site about autism and i am curious to know how you like the website host there.

Vicki said...

Yes, I plan to continue here. This is my blog and I like it.

Disaboom is a website that hosts a community of bloggers with an interest in disability and it offers more than that, too. It was started by Dr. House -- not that one -- with the idea that the disability community can be powerful and inspiring working together. There are many disabling conditions, each with its own issues and needs, but many issues are common among them all. Yes, please leave comments.

I really like Disaboom. I did not know about this site until they contacted me to write for them, but in the last couple of weeks I have read many of the blogs, notices of device, reviews of restaurants and hotels by people who know what accessibility is. I think this is good.

There are many MSers here as well as bloggers representing other disabling conditions, and other topics such as parenting. I have read several by parents of deaf and cerebral palsy children, but I did not yet find any about autism. Sounds like an opportunity to me.

Many bloggers have separate blogs as well -- like me. It's worth a try. Sign up!