Thursday, October 11, 2007

Young People and Multiple Sclerosis

When children or teenagers have MS, they have the same questions as adults. When children or teenagers have a parent with MS, they have questions parents may not know how to answer. When children or teenagers have questions, they often turn to the Internet for answers.

The most popular sites for young people are listed by Alexa.

Included are a variety of sites such as Children's Hope for Understanding MS, Neuroscience for Kids, and Someone You Know Has MS. The sites have easy to understand explanations of the disease and symptoms, poetry, forums and chat rooms, and games. Maybe these sites are useful for adults, too.

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Merelyme said...

yes what i did not realize about MS is that children and teens are now getting it. was this always the case or are they just getting better at diagnosing MS?

Vicki said...

Oh, yes. We didn't know it for a long time, but we're learning. (By we I mean society and the medical society) Check an earlier post


Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend counselling services for young people with MS? My collegue in her early 20s has recently been diagnosed and would like some emotional support- thanks

Sheree said...

tell her to have a browse at a website designed & led by & for young people with ms aged 20 & above. a great place for support & questions.