Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anger Makes Me Mad

Today I wrote about anger on Disaboom. I really don't understand anger because it seems like much ado about nothing. Why get angry and waste all that time and energy? I have so little energy and not much time, so when I get frustrated, I try to focus on something positive. Why bother with anger? It makes me angry to see people acting out in anger. Anger is contagious, but so is a smile. I choose the smile.

Wheelchair Junkie
has another idea about anger management. This picture is pretty good -- don't pass it by. While you are there, take a look at this possible new gadget. Here is a college student in Ireland designing a really high-tech wheelchair and he is open to suggestion. Now is your chance to make a difference in disability equipment.

Enjoy your day and manage your anger!

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Merelyme said... is a normal human reaction to circumstance. and if you don't get it out, it has ways to manifest as in physical symptoms. anger can be a good thing when channeled to action or creative expression. we aren't meant to be happy or "positive" all the time. this places an undue burden of guilt on those who genuinely need to express their feelings. just my two cents worth.

Vicki said...

Yes, I agree. Everybody gets angry. I do. I am reacting to a couple of incidents I read about recently -- but I don't remember where -- but they could have saved themselves some anguish by talking rather than reacting so harshly.

One guy was so angry a non-disabled parker took a handicap place, he beat him up and was charged with assault.
One woman lowered her lift on top of a car that parked too close and she had to pay for damages.

These incidents led to more than the original offense warranted. However, they made their point. I bet those two never park in the wrong spot or too close to the wrong spot again!