Sunday, April 15, 2007

What Is Happening in Congress?

We have seen action on stem cell research before, but this time there are probably enough votes to override a veto. Stem cell research may lead to advances that benefit several diseases, including MS. It will take a long time for the research to produce usable medication, so they may as well get started. See how your senators voted here.

Congress is taking steps in the right direction for Medicare "in the home" restriction legislation. Twenty senators and almost that many congressmen have signed the Dear Colleague letter
supporting MS research funding.

  • Senate
    Barack Obama – IL (sponsor)
    Norm Coleman – MN (sponsor)
    Dick Durbin – IL
    John Warner – VA
    Ted Kennedy – MA
    Jim Bunning – KY
    John Kerry – MA
    Barbara Boxer – CA
    Jeff Bingaman – NM
    Amy Klobuchar – MN
    Jack Reed – RI
    Debbie Stabenow – MI
    Joe Lieberman – CT
    Sheldon Whitehouse – RI
    Bernie Sanders – VT
    Bob Casey – PA
    Daniel Akaka – HI
    Maria Cantwell – WA
    Arlen Specter – PA
    Richard Burr – NC
    Robert Menendez – NJ

    Russ Carnahan – MO 3rd (sponsor)
    Rick Renzi – AZ 1st (sponsor)
    Henry Waxman – CA 30th
    Lois Capps – CA 23rd
    Allyson Schwartz – PA 13th
    Peter Roskam – IL 6th
    John Sarbanes – MD 3rd
    Jim Langevin – RI 2nd
    Patrick Kennedy – RI 1st
    Carolyn McCarthy - NY 4th
    John Conyers – MI 14th
    Todd Platts – PA 19th
    John Larson – CT 1st
    Chris Shays – CT 4th
    Collin Peterson – MN 7th
    Dennis Moore – KS 3rd
    Ed Towns – NY 10th
    Barney Frank – MA 4th

If your congressman or senator is not on the list, remind them they can sign anytime before April 20.

Currently being evaluated is l
egislation to approve biogeneric drugs so medication costs can be reduced.

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