Sunday, April 29, 2007

Learning More about MS

WebMD is a source of information I use often. They have added a new feature I think is worth a look.

They have created Health Guides with detailed information on symptoms, treatments, and resources for more help and information. These guides are for more than 60 common diseases, beginning with allergies and headaches, and including multiple sclerosis.

The MS article begins with an Overview, probably nothing you haven't already seen if you're an old pro at this, but definitely helpful to newly diagnosed and the not yet diagnosed. Other sections are
Symptoms & Types, descriptions of primary, secondary, and tertiary symptoms as well as specific symptoms. There are discussions of exacerbations and relapses, and specific types such as Devics and Shilders diseases, finishing with advanced reading that covers children with MS;
Diagnosis & Tests, describing the tests often used and frequently asked questions;
Treatment & Care, describing MS medications and medications and care for specific symptoms;
Living & Managing covering specific problems and situations and finishing with personal stories; Support & Resources, a link to WebMD's message board and MS expert.

There are others that may be of special interest to MSers, such as Depression and Incontinence.
I also read Osteoporosis.

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