Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fitness from a Chair

Spring -- time for everyone to get fit for summer fashions.

Well, I'm not looking to wear a bikini, but I still would like to remain fit. Transfers are not easy, but being thin and physically fit would make transferring easier, and a fit body just feels good. So what is a non-athletic wheeler to do?

I searched on the Internet for easy answers, and I found a few programs. Let' see.

Dr. Gourmet
is a New Orleans internist with experience as a chef. He developed a diet including menus and recipes, based on good eating principles. He is an on-air consultant for TV's Food Network Eating Thin and he provides his eatTHISdiet online. The diet was made for cardio-vascular patients, but I found it from an MSer's question - 'What if I Can't Exercise?' He covers his rules and tells us what we CAN eat rather than just what we must avoid. My meal plan sounded scrumptious, but some of the recipes might be beyond my capabilities.

Here's an exercise program called Layered Practice, which combines principles from t'ai chi, yoga, meditation, and qi gong. Dr. Keith Jeffrey presents this in a 4-Minute Fitness video that includes exercises for sitting and standing. He has exercises for wheelers including testimonials from people who have used the program. It sounds pretty good.

The third thing I found is an ad for exercise equipment, a Theracycle. I have seen these ads for years and always thought they looked pretty neat, but I never bought one. Here are testimonials from MSers.

What is the answer? I don't know. I am a little soft around the edges, and I would like to be fit and healthy. The answer is to eat well and keep moving. I can do that.

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