Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Plain Talk and More

Are you looking for an MS forum?

In May 2006, I posted about a site called Multiple Sclerosis Sucks. The sentiment that MS sucks is popular among MSers, as evidence on The Wall shows. If you agree, you may be ready for Plain Talk: The Forum Part of MultipleSclerosisSucks.com.

Membership is not automatic; rather, Plain Talk people review every membership application to ensure everyone has a legitimate reason for belonging to this forum. This way, members feel comfortable opening up, knowing their privacy is protected. Look at Multiple Sclerosis Sucks, and if you are comfortable with the philosophy and tone, you will fit in. Read the rules, sign up, and get ready to share feelings and experiences, ask questions and give answers in a safe MS community.

Here's another forum that requires registration. OzMS is an Australian site that offers online peer support from MSers to MSers. OzMS has rules and guidelines for potential new members, and over 700 topics to explore.

Like Multiple Sclerosis Sucks, the forum is only part of this site, too. There is technical information, news feeds, blogs, a weekly chat, and the opportunity to submit articles on MS-related topics.

If you are looking for a forum, be sure to check MSSucks and OzMS.

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Shirl said...

Hi Vicki - a slightly personal message. For several reasosn, I've had a change of blogging focus. Me & Mine is no more - please call on me at H, H & H so we can keep in touch.

Daz said...

Hiya, would just like to say thanks for mentioning OzMS. Please don't consider this spam please delete it if you do!

I have just added the wordpress module to OzMS, we now have a proper blog yipee!

http://www.ozms.org/modules/wordpress OzMS Bloggers