Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre is a UK charity helping MSers with unbiased information and advice. They have a message board, a chat room, and more than 3000 pages (yes, three thousand!) of all kinds of things. They are a registered charity, and the site includes opportunities to donate to MSRC.

They ask for suggestions, stories, fun and interesting items to add to the site. That must be how they have populated so many pages with fun and interesting content. Some of these stories are to be found nowhere else. For example, in the Research section, under Possible Causes is the story of a woman who noticed her MS was affected by the mobile phone mast near her home. She is organizing a group of 600 people for a study focusing on the relationship between MS and nearness to a mobile phone mast. Results were expected in 2004, and I didn't find any, so I don't know what happened.

I found this site when looking for research news and discovered the Latest MS Research News. Be sure to check out the research page that includes a long list of topics that lead to stories like the mobile phone mast.

Look around. Click the links. Take advantage of the resources.

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