Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ready for Dinner?

The MS Global Dinner Party where people around the world will be raising awareness and funds finds dinners scheduled on or around February 24.

If you planned a dinner in your community center for a $50-a-plate donation -- Wow! And good luck. If you haven't planned such an elaborate event, here's an idea. Invite a few friends and neighbors for a more intimate dinner provided by them.

They can bring a dish or order a delivery, help set the table and clean up afterwards. Maybe just sit around the table munching on cheese and crackers and healthy fruit and play a game. With MS as the theme for the evening, try trivia where you make up the questions. Maybe each guest could bring a question to discuss or an interesting tidbit they learned about MS, or something they were curious about.

After an evening of talking about MS, you will have achieved the goal of increasing awareness of MS. It might be surprising to find out what your friends do not know, or maybe what they do know, and you may learn more yourself. Maybe someone will bring up a topic that makes you want to learn more. Maybe your friends were always curious about something and didn't know how to ask until you opened the forum.

Bon appetite. This is just the beginning. March is National MS Education & Awareness Month.

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