Friday, February 02, 2007

One Year, and More to Come

It has been a year since I started this blog, Down the MS Path. Well actually, a year and a couple of days. My first post was January 30, 2006.

I started by refering to posts made on my other, more regular, less MS-filled blog, Vicki's Blog. I started this blog to focus on MS-related topics. I have not accomplished all of my goals yet, but I am learning.

I have had almost 2000 hits. To be fair, I have to admit that some of those hits are mine, but to be fair on the other hand, many of them are other people. My NeoWorx map at the bottom of the sidebar shows visits from five continents, although most are from the USA! Double click on the map and the on past visitors to see exactly where the hits originate. It reminds me that MS is not local; rather, MSers are from all over the world.

I have enjoyed writing these posts. In some cases my feelings are clarified, and other times I realize I need to do some more thinking. I have visited some interesting and fun sites and made some Internet friends. I think I like this.


Michelle said...

Hi Vicki, Thanks for putting me in your blog! The internet and blogging sure makes this world smaller and brings people together when it wasn't possible before.

Pretty neat the NeoMap. I think I will look into putting it on my sites, if possible. I'm not really computer savy.

Take care,

mdmhvonpa said...

:) ... keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

I just now felt a little lost and was looking after some bloggs about disability. My wife, Vicky, age 52 has some kind of MS similare illness, right arm and leg are paralized, problems with speach and swollowing. I take care of here, but she is pretty on her own still and put much trust in her Yoga training which gave her som movements back. I however have no experience in helping and assisting and sometimes feel lost when she starts crying for small things which disturb her and I don´t know what to do anymore to comfort her. Crying and screeming make she of course even less understood and I feel helpless. What should I do to help her, nothing what I do seems to fit or seems to calm her. Vicki, maybe you can in a next blog tell us who want to take care and help our partners how to react right.
//Rudi from Italy

Vicki said...

Your comment is touching and your feelings are very familiar. I think the fact that you want to help is priceless.

We - the MSers - feel frustrated because we cannot do today the same things we did last year. You - the caregiverss - feel helpless because you cannot make it go away.

Your idea for a post about caregivers is a good one. I will organize my notes and write one soon. I am very slow, but I know this is important.

Until then, please have patience with each other. Good luck to both you and Vicky.

Vicki said...

As much as I resisted it in the beginning, I am glad I finally started blogging, and I have met some interesting and fun people pretty far away from my front door. I think I like this.

And I really like the Neomap on this blog and the flags on Vicki's Blog. Somehow they make this exercise even more fun.