Monday, February 19, 2007

A Message from Dianne

Garry and I were interviewed in October because NMSS liked Garry's story in Face of MS. The idea was an article about caregivers, but we got off track and didn't stay on the caregiver topic. The interviewer said it was for a new newslettter, and he would send a copy when it was finished. We did not receive the piece, so I thought they must have moved on.

Then I received a message from Dianne. She said she loved my motto: If you're going to be sitting down anyway, you might as well be smiling." I wasn't sure it is a motto, but it may as well be.

She told me a bit about her MS experience, and said I made her smile. She uses my words as an affirmation. Wow, thank you, that makes me smile, too.

And Dianne brought up something else -- she is grateful for the online MS community. I read the MS sites and research news, but I really like other MSer's blogs. I am also grateful for the MS online community. It is helpful to read about daily struggles with the disease as well as MSers' lives beyond the disease. I enjoy reading and I find it therapeutic to write -- it's fun and I like it.

Thank you Dianne, for letting me know I touched you. We are not alone.

I looked through the latest edition on Inside MS and still did not see the article.

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