Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Chair or Cane?

When watching the TV show House, two questions came up:

1. Which is more disabled in an upright world, a person walking with a cane or a person in a wheelchair?
I talked a little about this on Vicki's Blog and the Internet was crowded with opinions. Let's see. The cane could try the wheelchair for comparison, but the wheeler couldn't try the cane for comparison. Hmmm --

2. This question was implied through dialog when talking about a new person on the hospital staff.
Doc 1: "Is she hot?"
Doc 2: "She's in a wheelchair."

Doc 1: "Doesn't mean she's not hot."
So the second question is Can a wheeler be hot?
The episode didn't carry out that question, so we didn't get an answer from the series' characters, two young and brilliant doctors who are probably considered hot themselves.
Or maybe we should ask Beautyability.
Or maybe we should ask Miss Wheelchair America.
Or maybe we should just look for ourselves. Visit the Faces of MS where there are many hot women and men.

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