Friday, February 23, 2007

Do You Have an eBility?

eBility is an Australian site with a wide range of information of interest to those of us in the disabled community.

It links to the Mobility Cup, a regatta for disabled sailors. gives instructions for breaking an egg with the use of one hand, and even links to a database for sharing a pair of shoes between two people with one foot each. There are classifieds for wheelchair-accessible vacations, houses and vehicles for sale.

And near the bottom is a great directory -- disability blogs! I do not know how the blogs are collected, but they are certainly worth looking through. Browse the list and click on any that sound interesting. Don't miss Disability is an art if you want to be inspired. High on Hope is an MSer's online diary written with the use of voice recognition software.

There are many blogs, each one different than the one before it. I was honored to find my humble blog on the list. I spent the afternoon on this directory and plan to go back for more.

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