Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is a Good One

I was surfing around, checking on the blogs and sites I like to visit, and one site led to another. When I was reading Michelle's surviving multiple sclerosis in alaska, she referred to another MSer with a mission.

Sean Spence is blogging through his bicycle ride from Missouri to Manhattan, starting with his current phase -- training. On snowy days, he still cycles, but he is inside on a stationary bike. His trip is intended to raise money for MS research and treatment. He is contacting people and organizations along his planned route to schedule local events for the cause. So far he has reached his goal of a 75-mile trek. He admits is isn't easy, but he did it! So far so good.

Sean's other site is especially interesting. Sharing Our Days is a collection of stories and links about people with different ongoing health conditions. He has stories and links for all types of cancer (breast, bladder, and others), alzheimer's (from the caregiver), epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and more. He links to a touching blog about an 8-year-old Orlando girl with cancer, and supplies observations from a Lou Gherig's blogger who vows not to give up.

These are blogs about particular situations, but more about daily living with ongoing health issues. Some are MS, some are not, but they are interesting, and MSers can relate.

Check it out and share your story with Sean.

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