Monday, January 29, 2007

Hope with Stem Cells?

There is an active controversy in America concerning stem cell research. Some people think it will bring positive results for MS treatment. Some think it's just wrong.

All we really have is hope. And that hope may have been strengthened.

An MSer in Germany received stem cell treatment in Cologne, Germany, in October. He is reporting slight improvement, especially in his eyesight. Now, it's early; stem cells take time to grow, and this is only one case. The treatment
is quite expensive, but does it work?

The MS Society does not yet recommend stem cell treatment, but states there is potentia, with more research, for stem cell therapy to repair MS damage.

That sounds like hope to me.

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mdmhvonpa said...

Take a look at this:,,9068-2566831,00.html

Vicki said...

What an interesting article and good for Sir Richard. If stem cell research gets going, samples will be needed.

He does seem to be a forward thinker.

personal note - Have you seen the latest InsideMS? One man in the forum says his gym has no access to the second floor. I thought of you. Maybe the gyms don't think we disabled people are true customers. hmmm - sounds like a blog post in the making.

Thanks for the tip and keep on with your karate.