Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Current Legislation Affecting MS

They are at it again. The new Congress is working to pass stem cell legislation (yea!) and to ensure Medicare drug costs are not too high (yea!). However, there is a downside to the legislation currently under consideration -- the re-evaluation of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

I am all for re-evaluating programs, but there is a recommendation to cut psychologist re-imbursement by 9%. As an MSer, I know our condition is subject to depression and other cognitive difficulties that can be alleviated with psychological help. As an MSer, I also know many of us are on fixed incomes and rely on financial assistance of Medicare and Medicaid, and it could affect treatment if these cuts are made.

Read about the issue and voice your opinion to your Senators and Legislator. Use the text provided, edit it, or completely rewrite it, but let them know you are concerned.

Don't forget to give your support for the stem cell and drug cost initiatives.

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