Sunday, January 14, 2007

Eric's Blog

I ran across an MSer blog written in a different way than other journals I have seen. Erik's Multiple Sclerosis Blog talks about his life, or as he refers to it, his "thorn in the flesh."

Erik is very specific about his symptoms and his treatment and medical experiences. Click on the sidebar "More Erik MS Stuff" to see his five MRI reports beginning with diagnosis. I told you he is specific. And did I say detailed? He also has injection pictures, but - not to worry - he is showing the Rebif from the time it is received until it has been injected, not the injection itself. Even the extra squeamish will survive.

I recognized some feelings and thoughts when he talked about symptoms and some of his research adventures.

Don't get me wrong -- he has personal posts, too, including pictures of his wedding and three young children.

It's worth a visit. Be sure to check out his links, too.

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