Saturday, December 16, 2006

What Will Help?

A physical therapist asked me why I was not using a particular assistive device. The answer was easy -- I did not know about it. Before I bought my transfer board it did not occur to me that I would get from my chair to the bed by inching across a wooden board. I am sure there are many other things that would make my life easier, but I don't know. Even when I see something in a book or catalog, I don't know if it would solve a problem I have.

How is a girl to know? There are people who invent new items and others who have older, proven items, and they are ready to sell them all.

Abiities Expo a consumer show attended by persons with disabilities, caregivers, and professionals, is dedicated to improving the lives of the disabled, with assisted living products and services. At this show, you can compare similar items to see which one works better. You can try out and test the actual items. This Expo is sponsored by the Christopher and Dana Reeves Paralysis Resource Center along with other groups including the National MS Society.

The Expo is scheduled in:
San Antonio in January
New York in April
Southern California in June
Minnesota in September

This is a show truly designed for the disabled. There are loaner chairs and scooters and even personal care assistants available. Written materials are available in large type and braille, and sign language interpreters are ready to help. The Hands On Concept Services booth offers free wheelchair repair!

In addition to the vendor booths, there are scheduled workshops. Pick the Expo nearest you and check out the details.

Admission is an affordable $5, but they waive the charge for a completed form. (This is for the Texas expo, but each location had similar ticket information)

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