Monday, December 04, 2006

Eat your Fruits and Especially Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have many benefits for your health, we all know that, but now a Rush University Medical Center study has identified another benefit of eating vegetables.

The 6-year study compared people who eat one serving with those who eat three servings of vegetables. This
study found eating more vegetables results in slowing cognitive decline, by about 5 years. Although the study was conducted with participants over 65, but controlled for lifestyle variables such as exercise, age, sex, and race, and concluded vegetables were the deciding factor in stronger cognitive skills.

Vegetables, especially green, leafy ones, are rich in antioxidant compounds like vitamin E, flavonoids and cartenoids. So remember when your mother told you to eat your vegetables? If you eat your vegetables, you would remember.

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mdmhvonpa said...

Except for them durned EColi fortified Veggies.

Vicki said...

And now, green onions! Well, I don't like onions anyway, but heck, I do like spinach. That EColi is a party pooper.