Friday, December 29, 2006

University Medical Center

Here's another one. Ohio State University Medical Center. There are two sections that especially interested me.

First is a table of symptoms categorized in a way I haven't seen before. The primary symptoms are those we all know -- such as weakness, paralysis, loss of balance. Secondary symptoms are complications as a result of the primary symptoms -- such as decreased bone activity resulting from inactivity.

The tertiary symptoms are those familiar to many of us, but rarely mentioned in a list of MS symptoms. These are social and psychological complications resulting from the first two categories -- such as loss of livelihood and depression. It is a short list here -- I think we MSers could expand it -- but I like that these conditions are recognized as symptoms.

The next section discusses diagnosis beginning with the criteria used and a list of things included in an evaluation, followed by the diagnosis procedure.

Explore the site to see the hospital care and research facilities offered by Ohio State.

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