Tuesday, December 12, 2006

MS Ambassadors

The National MS Society names celebrities as ambassadors to help spread the word about MS. Some are celebrities who happen to have MS themselves. Others are not MSers, but have friends or family members who are. All of them have the opportunity to speak and inspire.

Here are some MS ambassadors' products that make great Christmas gifts.

Neil Cavuto, controversial newscaster was diagnosed in 1996.

Annette Funicello, mouseketeer and atress, who inspires us all with her grace, announced she has MS in 1987.

Clay Walker, country-western star was honored as Ambassador of the year in 2003 after being diagnosed in 1996.

Bill Pullman has a close friend whose wife has MS.

Teri Garr oscar-nominated movie star announced her MS in 2002.

MS did not stop these ambassadors from continuing in their careers, and succeeding. Now that is inspiring!

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