Saturday, July 01, 2006


Oh, Rebeka. So young. So embarrassed. So sad. So lucky. And ambitious, industrious, and charitable.

Rebeka was just 20 when it hit her. She was embarrassed by her “drunken-like” gait and lack of bladder control. She had – and still has – a love life, a caring family, and friends. How lucky. It’s embarrassing to tell her friends she no longer works – she’s so young, why won’t she work? It’s awkward to have to plan ahead and take naps. It is not fair.

But she has not given up. She is collecting MSers’ stories for a book that will be useful to other newly diagnosed MSers and those who love them and don’t know what to expect or how to help. This is not a hollow dream. She has the backing of her local (Iowa/Dakota) NMSS chapter.

She has been attacked by the MS monster and she wants to learn about the disease and how it affects people’s daily lives. And she wants to share what she learns with others who have been attacked.

Go to Rebeka’s web site, read her story, and submit your story to her. Share your experience and give some hope to other newly diagnosed MSers.

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