Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Diet and nutrition are important to us all because we are human. Add MS to the human equation and dietary needs should be re-examined.

A healthy diet for everyone is healthy for MSers, too, but the MS and medications may call for special attention in some areas. Specific symptoms may call for special considerations. For example, medication may cause dry mouth that extra fluids would help. The National MS Society recommends the A-B-C approach --
Aim for fitness
Build a healthy base
Choose sensibly
See details in the NMSS brochure Food and Thought: MS and Nutrition.

And here's another diet hint -- eat more turkey!

WebMD cites a study that says tryptophan, the compound that leaves us drowsy after feasting on the Thanksgiving turkey, may also be a future MS treatment. It has already been tested on mice.

My diet takes advantage of turkey. We often replace ground beef with ground turkey in recipes and even in hamburgers -- uh, turkeyburgers. It is lean and tasty.

Bon Appetit!

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