Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Promote the Quality of Life

To enhance the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis, MS International Federation, Publications presents this report on “principles” to improve the Quality of Life.
• Independence and Empowerment
• Medical Care
• Continuing (Long-Term or Social) Care
• Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
• Support for Family Members
• Transportation
• Employment and Volunteer Activities
• Disability Benefits and Cash Assistance
• Education
• Housing and Accessibility of Buildings in the Community

Reading this publication does not take long. Each section is brief, just a paragraph or two about what should be expected. For example, MS should not inhibit anyone from receiving an education. References are provided to show how the conclusion was reached.

Download complete report or simply view it online

The Foreword by J.K. Rowlings who writes the Harry Potter books, tells of her experience with her mother’s MS. She writes more than the disease progression, it was the deterioration of the quality of life that affected her mother and therefore her family. We, that is Society, sometimes forget that just because we don’t see a new symptom doesn’t mean everything is fine. Self esteem and independence are very important in a person’s general well-being.

Benedetto Saraceno, a Director at the World Health Organization, points out that health care is moving from a disease-oriented approach to focus on patient experience and needs. He is particularly pleased with the MS International Federation’s use of the WHO Quality of Life framework.

The WHO rates quality of life considering:
Physical Health
Psychological Health
Level of Independence
Social Relations

Multiple Sclerosis, Guide to Treatment and Management is the only complete guide to treatments, including drugs, used for MS, including alternative treatments. Links for purchase of the 6th edition are provided.

The How To section includes four booklets, each downloadable in PDF format

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