Monday, July 17, 2006


Edward Anthony Noles, MSer for 15 years, founded the MS Support System (MSSS) Inc. in 1992. MSSS is a non-profit organization that helps MSers in need through fundraising and donations of wheelchairs, computers and other equipment.

Read through the MSSS website introduction as it explains what it offers and how you can lend a hand if you choose, including scheduling chats and suggesting links.

Then try out the links. Here are a couple I found particularly interesting --

Check out Health Talk which offers local event programs around the country that are broadcast live over the Internet and on the phone, a free newsletter , links to articles on specific topics such as cognitive difficulties, Life with MS a blog by Trevis Gleason, and a section called Ask the Doctor where you can ask an expert or browse the answers to previously asked questions.

Look at the support program that says it is rated best by MSers MS Pathways. It includes general information, personal stories, and a free newsletter. MS Patways is sponsored by Berlex who manufactures Betaseron, and they ask you to register. However, there is plenty to see if you don't, so register if you wish, but visit the site anyway.

And then there’s Jooly’s Joint where you can meet new “webpals.”

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