Sunday, March 09, 2008

MSer Blogs

Visit Brass and Ivory where Lisa is watching 137 active MS blogs and inviting us to link and do our share to increase awareness. Remember March is National MS Education and Awareness Month. Look through her list and discover new MSer bloggers at MS Awareness, Blogging Friends, and a little Link Love. Good job, Lisa!

Here is a new blog. Mark is not necessarily new to MS, but he is new to MS blogging. So far I think he is doing great. However, I did not see Mark and MS on Lisa's list. It is possible it is there and I just missed it - vision problems, you know. Well, if it really is not there yet, it looks like Lisa now has 138 sites for her list! He would be in the "moderately prolific" section.

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Merelyme said...

i am so glad lisa did all this work to promote our MS blogging community. i have been trying to visit folk as i can.

so how have you been doing? i was sick there for awhile. sorry i was neglectful in my comments. trying to catch up with everyone now.

TickledPink said...

Hi Vicki!!

I have a couple surprises for you if you visit my blog.