Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sitting Pretty

There was a time, it seems like another lifetime, when my clients were senior marketing execs of major travel and hospitality corporations. It was part of my job to look sharp and professional, and as a person with an interest and education in fashion, my goal was to dress for success with a flair. I paid particular attention to my wardrobe.

Now I no longer work, I am in the scooter all the time and my dressing priorities have changed. Still, I want to be fashionable and feel good in my clothes, but I have to think about accessibility and movement and comfort in ways that never crossed my mind before. As a single mother with young boys, comfort was always a factor, but now it is a priority.

I went shopping. Catalogs for women with disabilities such as Clothing Solutions show dusters and house dresses or muu-muus, usually in a busy, little flower print – not exactly cutting-edge couture. I just did the best I could with the clothes I already had. Some things worked, but most things did not. My line had changed from upright to seated and there was the additional bulk of a scooter to consider as part of my silhouette.
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TickledPink said...

Wonderful idea!! And Sitting Pretty would be a fantastic name for a clothing line. I really think you are onto something here. Bravo!

Vicki said...

Funny you should say that. I have written most of an eBook that I named "Sitting Pretty."

I designed a skirt that works so well for me that I wear one most days. Maybe it's time I finish and publish it. And I had not thought about naming a potential line, but thanks to your suggestion, Sitting Pretty it is!