Friday, January 11, 2008

This One's for You, Merelyme

On International Day of Disabled Persons, December 2, you left a comment suggesting I write a post about Disability. I may be slow, but I did it.

It is in two sections. First, I covered the definition from a legal viewpoint - ADA, SS, organizations. That post "Am I Disabled?" is on Disaboom. When I finished writing this one, I didn't feel finished with this topic.

I struggled with the next part, a more personal perspective. I had not ever gone through this particular thought train before, at least not in this detail. While writing this, so many thoughts kept jumping in my mind and bringing their friends. The story grew longer, and then another memory popped up and the story grew again. I finally pulled out my editor's pen and cut it to a manageable size. "What It Means to Me to be Disabled" is now posted on Disaboom.

This was a good exercise and probably healthy, too. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Anne said...

Hi Vicki

I read your two excellent articles on Disaboom. Great work!

Keep on keeping on,

Qian said...

Hi there I also read your article on Disaboom. I congratuate you on your bravery.


Merelyme said...

oh wow! thank you for this. let me read and give you a thoughtful response if my brain can manage it sometime soon. :>)