Sunday, January 13, 2008

MSers Can Be Party Girls, Too

I am often surprised how little people know about MS. I'm not sure why it surprises me, because I knew very little before I was diagnosed and started reading about it. So why am I surprised?

Every year there are events to increase awareness, and then there are more awareness events.
Last year there was an advertising campaign in the UK to raise awareness and correct some misconceptions about this condition, and it featured pictures of women's legs and feet.

Now we meet the ladies themselves. The four woman whose legs were featured call themselves the MS Party Girls. Each tells their first experiences with MS. I think the ad campaign showed that MSers are still regular people.

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Jim said...

Wow... Good idea. I will be attending Central Ohio's first MS meeting for men. I will propose this idea to them so we men can do the same. :)

Shirl the Girl said...

From my viewpoint, it was an effective campaign here. The MS Society likes to run ads that carry the 'they all look the same but one has MS' message.

Changing the topic slightly, I have recently realised I can still wear sassy, sexy shoes when we go out. Event though I have extreme walking difficulties, I don't walk far and am often in my wheelchair, so...why not wear 'unsuitable' shoes?

Vicki said...

Jim - Good luck with the Ohio meeting. If you can talk them into that idea, you'll be doing great things. Maybe a group of people with the tag line "which one has MS" like Shirl was talking about. I'll look for notes on your blog.

Shirl -- British TV has always shown the Americans how to do it. We definitely became aware with the sitcoms of the 70's, and then "Masterpiece Theatre." BBAmerica is still one of my favorite channels. My most recent favorite is "The Family" which seems to have stopped.

And now the ads. I think those Creature Discomforts are great and would like to see them run over here. I'm glad to hear the Party Girls was effective, too. Entertainment with a point. Very impressive.

As for your sassy shoes, I am writing a post dedicated to you.

Merelyme said...

the party it. yeah...i didn't know anything about MS before i was diagnosed. ahhh high heel uncomfortable.