Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good Mission -- Good Fun

Leonard Cheshire Disability's mission is to change attitudes to disability and to serve disabled people around the world.

They support 21,000 disabled people in the UK and work through a Global Alliance of non-governmental organizations in 52 countries. They caution that disability rights should not be a political football.

Now the fun part --
In working to change the way people respond to disability, Leonard Cheshire Disability has created an ad campaign using animations working through everyday situations of disabled people. The messages are voiced by disabled people and acted by Creature Discomforts animations. They are cute and entertaining while making their points. Enjoy the ads and learn about the characters. In keeping with the accessibility message, the ads have subtitles or signing available with a single click.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the two models of disability being explained to me once. The medical model focuses on disease and how the body has lost certain functions, how to overcome these disabilities.

The social model looks beyond the person and asks how society needs to adapt so that the disabled person can still fit in.

I wonder if we will see the latter when Creature Comforts take over - they are brilliant Vicki!

And I now live in the city where they were first created but the original warehouse burned down last year. The shell of the building is a sad sight but it will be rebuilt.

Garry said...

Nice one, Vicki!

I took and flunked their excellent Quick Quiz. I learned from it.

Merelyme said...

looks cool but seems i need some sort of flashplayer to see it.

Jim said...

This looks interesting. Thanks for the information. :)

Jim said...

By the way, I didn't score very well but again, I don't live in United Kingdom. I wonder if they have a similar test for United States citizens? I just posted in my blog earlier today about people's ignorance relating people with disabilities.

Vicki said...

Shirl -- I'm glad they are rebuilding and hope they have a long run wherever they are. I would like to see them here (USA)as well.

Garry -- your flunking tells us we need to do a better job with awareness and education. I am often surprised how little I know, too. I need some of the educating. I'm trying, but I'm slow.

Merelyme -- I'm so sorry you couldn't see them. They are cute, and I think they are effective as well.

Jim -- I haven't seen a US version. Maybe we should write one. People often don't know how to relate to people different than themselves. As for disabilities, I had no idea, very little exposure, until I became one myself.

There is no one answer, except maybe respect. Keep trying to educate. That's the best we can do.