Thursday, August 23, 2007

Surfing Through MS Blogs

Here are some MSer sites I have collected along the way. Visit and enjoy --

The other day I ran across a site that is absolutely delightful. This would be Bubbie's Blog. She was dubbed Bubbie by her granddaughter, for reasons only she understands. Bubbie is an easy read. Get ready to smile and maybe even laugh out loud, and share her thoughts about her personal experience.

Living Life as a Snowflake is written by an MSer mom whose son compared MS with a snowflake: "...all different, no two are the same and...all special in (her) own way." What a lovely description. She is relatively new to blogging and I enjoyed reading her posts.

I am often reminded how lucky I was that my MS episodes were almost mild when my boys were young. Here is a young mother of two young children who was diagnosed ten years ago. She writes about Multiple Sclerosis -- Real life stories & Issues. It's worth a visit.

And here is a new site written by a physician. His idea is to provide easy-to-understand information about diseases, something not found elsewhere. Healogica, subtitled Making Sense of Your Health, featured an MS article focusing on genetics.

I found this one when I was trying to learn about trigeminal neuralgia (TN). It is simply titled Multiple Sclerosis. This site is heavy on news and research, presented in generally short posts.

Here is a site where woman writes about her husband's experience with low dose naltrexone (LDN) used to treat his MS. LDN is FDA-approved for addictions, but there is evidence it is effective with autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders. She offers several links to other sites that discuss LDN and its relationship with MS.

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Bubbie said...

I'm blushing....Thank you Vicky. What a wonderful compliment. Made my day :) Thanks for the other links to check out also.

Merelyme said... always have the best information! i already have miss bubbie on my links. i was happy to have found her too! :>) i will check out the other folks now.

Vicki said...

I say it as I see it. See Merelyme's comment. Feel proud? You should!
I do tend to spend time looking around and often find some pretty good sites. There is good information out there, and when I run across it, I will pass it on. Thanks for reading.