Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Research Goes On

Here are two recent studies:

Study Objective: Find relationship between disease activity and quality of life, and the impact of natalizumab
They found MS impairs the quality of life. Surprise, surprise. Further, natalizumab improves that impaired quality of life. So, the medication works, at least to some degree.

The study was made for relapsing-remitting MS. The drug, natalizumab, is also known as Tysabri or Antegren. Now, we know some of the history of Tysabri. It was originally FDA approved in 2004, then removed in 2005 because it could lead to a viral infection of the brain. Amid public outcry, Tysabri was returned to the market, but only with a stringent Risk Management Plan.

Study Objective: Discover tolerance of DNA Vaccine in MSers
They found the vaccine is safe and well tolerated.

The study was made with relapsing-remitting and secondary progressive MSers. Participants were not taking any disease-modifying drugs, and they had a relapse or an identifiable progression in the previous two years.

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