Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stem Cells

The stem cell research legislation Congress manages to pass is consistently vetoed. We have to continue to tell our representatives to continue trying. Don't we?

At least one group
thinks the new DNA discovery eliminates any need for pursuing the 'life-destroying" embryonic stem cell research.

I say, "Not so fast." This research find may lead to treatments or possibly even a cure; but then again, it may not. I believe it will, but we all know how much time it takes for research to actually become a valid FDA-approved drug, and there is always the chance that a safe, effective treatment will elude the researchers. And, as experience has taught us, maybe the new treatment won't work equally for everyone.

Why cut off a potential path before we know if it does or does not work? Let's keep our options open until we have an MS-free world.

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