Friday, February 17, 2006

Still Beautiful

What a beautiful woman, what a wonderful site. I first ran across Tiffiny’s site when I was looking for some new clothes that would be appropriate for my new seated status. The only catalogs I found that offered dresses for the disabled showed large, loose, muu-muu type frocks modeled by older women. They looked comfortable, but they didn’t look like my style of dress.

Then I found an e-book, "Wheelchair Fashion 101." Here was something closer to what I was hoping to find. This was style and definitely good style. The book was written by a young girl who suffered a spinal cord injury. She was still young, still energetic, and she still wanted to feel pretty. She wrote about possible outfits and where to find them. Her preferred outfits centers around pants. Her style is young, fresh, fun, and her suggestions are accessible. This is great, but she doesn’t stop there – I don’t think she even slows down.

She talks about wheelchair fashion for women and men. She goes on to other beauty tips, including skin care and plastic surgery. Then she takes the next step, offering a chance for disabled people to meet other disabled people ready to date. She has listings for single men and women, some with pictures. She has a chat room and message boards that cover any topic.

Be sure to read about her. She is well written and often published. She is well traveled, active as a disability advocate as well as in her personal life. Her mission -- to help the disabled be beautiful, sexual, and proud – is well-served here.

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