Monday, February 06, 2006

Featuring Christina

Christina is an MSer who left a comment on Vicki’s Blog to say "howdy." I looked at her blog and found her treasure. These sites are not highlighted because they are about MS, rather because they provide glimpses of an MSer's life She has four active blogs:

1. My Journey with MS
This opens with a background aquatic scene and a nameplate. There are images, photographs, poetry written by Christina, and journal entries that include emotional moments sponsored by her MS.

2. Word Dancing
Again, poetry, color and images. Butterflies seem to be the site's icon.

3. Christina's Templates
Opening this site is familiar, beginning with the large aquatic background and the Journey with MS nameplate. Then we see a photograph of her home office with the aquatic scene on the wall. There are links to sites and people – many personal links.

4. Write Words Writing Club
Christina belongs to group blog of at least 10 writers in any format, focusing on self-expression. There are pictures and paintings with the poems they inspired.

It was fun to browse through these sites Good luck, Christina. It looks as if you are doing great!

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ckays1967 said...


#1 is my main blog and where I DO talk about my MS on a regular basis. I am very OPEN about it.

#2 is my poetry only blog. My poem are in my main blog too but they all go into Word Dancing for safe keeping.

#3 is a template journal...not a real one at all. It is for messing around with stuff.

And finally #4 is open to anyone who loves to write.

Thanks, MS is so misunderstood.