Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meet me at Kathy's Cafe

Featuring Kathy’s Café.

Kathy is spiritual infopreneur, and writer focusing on health, wellness, spirituality and abundant living. She says her blog is "Where people gather to learn and become empowered." She supports alternative treatments and spiritual practices beginning with a positive attitude.

Her blog points to several sites. The one that first caught my attention is on autoimmune disease. She also espouses Feng Shui with a newsletter, samples, instructions and a book for sale. The third one she says is the "Best Organic Coffee, Tea & Chocolate on the Planet."

As a healthy diva, Kathy provides links to articles, recipes, other autoimmune sites, a teleseminar, and more. She links to information on alternative therapies for specific autoimmune diseases including MS

Remember these are alternative practices. Kathy wants to share the methods that help her to stay positive and feel good. This is interesting -- Take a look.

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