Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MS Progressive Types: The Human Side

This series on Progressive MS for the MS Section of Health Central has included long articles that paint a bleak picture of life with MS. This one adds a personal touch, including stories from several MSers living with one form or another of Progressive MS. This article was first published June 17. Here it is --

MS Progressive Types: The Human Side

With Progressive MS, there is not a moment free from the thought and feel of MS. Pretty scary? This series of articles started with an explanation of the different types of MS and then continued by expanding on Progressive MS. Some of the information paints a bleak picture, but let me add a personal touch.

Here are stories from people with Progressive MS, including me, meant to enhance the picture of Progressive MS with a focus on the human side. My sincere thanks and appreciation to the contributors: David Madison, Beverley Rothstein, Denise Walbrugh and Michael B. Gerber. Each of these stories shows there can still be positive quality of life through diagnosis, symptoms and daily life with Progressive MS.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I am afraid of scaring people if I speak(write) some of the dark days---my experience may never be theirs, and so many MS Blogs seem to be by newbies or RR. I am glad you are writing our story. Thanks.