Saturday, July 18, 2009

MS Progressive Types: Happiness

This s the last artical in the series on Progressive MS for the MS Section of Health Central. This one summarizes the topic with a question-answer format. There is one left. The FAQ article was first published June 30. Here it is --

MS Progressive Types:
Living with Happiness

MS was never part of the my life plan. Like most, my initial MS diagnosis was a long and bumpy road. When my MS became progressive, the road changed to a detour in uncharted territory with no end.

How can I face such a bleak future?

It seems to me that I have a choice between two basic options:
  • I can live with Progressive MS and be sad, grieving for the life that is not to be. I can be angry because it's just not fair. With every new symptom, every hint of a potential new symptom, and each function that is harder or slower or just not there any more, I can become more grumpy and cranky. Or,
  • I can live with Progressive MS and come to peace with it. I can learn to accept each new symptom and delight in things I am still able to do. I can find new ways to enjoy things I have always enjoyed and even find new things to appreciate. I can choose to make an effort to maintain a positive attitude and be as happy as I can be.
Notice that both of these choices still include Progressive MS. I do not like it, but I cannot eliminate it, and I can still choose to be happy.


Diane J Standiford said...

True. Oh, the heat I take when I tell people that being happy is a choice. That they must take responsibility for their own happiness. I had cancer, I have SPMS, my mom has Alzheimer's, my dad is dead, my brother is a jerk, my savings are dwindling, my spouse is unwell, my best friend moved to Germany, my othr best friend stabbed me in the back, my last BFF is going blind, BUT, yes, I am happy. I have a million reasons.

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