Saturday, January 24, 2009

MS and Depression?

If you have MS, or even another chronic disease, chances are you are familiar with depression. Merely Me interviewed a psychologist about the relationship between biology and psychology when a chronic illness is involved.

Read her interview. As usual, she did a good job.

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herrad said...

Been very down at times and it is not surprising with something like primary progressive MS.

It is very strange to lose so much and so quickly

Difficult to contemplate that time does not stretch in front of me and that it is finite.

This is a reality for everyone but you get to contemplate this as a more immediate reality with a progressive disease such as MS.

It's horrible but it is also good as it helps me to really make the best of the here and now and enjoying my life.

Merelyme said...

Hey Vicki!

Oh thank you so much for posting the link...I hadn't even known you had done this.

I am very fortunate in being granted such a wonderful interview with so much...meat. I do hope people have the chance to read it and that it can be of help.

And to Herrad...your comment is so deeply touching. Your philosophy is make the best of the here and now and to enjoy life. I am going to really try to incorporate this wisdom into my life.