Friday, July 25, 2008

How To Tell the Kids

When you were diagnosed with MS, it was probably devastating at first. I know it was for me.

There is so much to absorb and understand. Let's face it -- MS is not an easy disease to understand. So when you are the parent of small children, and they ask what is wrong, what do you tell them? How can you possibly explain such a complicated disease so it is understood by your kids?

Lorna J. Moorhead has some suggestions. She is clever in her demonstrations to help her 5-yr-old son understand the disease that is attacking his mommy. She uses simple props that he can see and touch, such as strings to represent nerves and an Oreo cookie to show the breakdown of myelin.

She ends with suggested reading. This is fun to read and will prove helpful when talking to kids. Actually, these tactics will undoubtedly help adults understand, too. Check out Lorna's blog MS Moms Managing Our Multiple Sclerosis.

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